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Soal Jawab (Q&A) : penggunaan sampul & kotak prabayar poslaju

untuk rujukan saya sendiri di masa depan..
servis ini telah diperkenalkan oleh Poslaju pada awal April 2012.



1 Can you tell us a bit about the Poslaju Prepaid Box and Prepaid Envelope?
PosLaju Prepaid Box (Kotak Prabayar) or Prepaid Envelope (Sampul Prabayar) is a new product introduced by PosLaju that provides convenience and cost efficient shipping solutions for sending document or merchandise up to 10kg within Peninsular Malaysia only.

2 What is the purpose of introducing the PosLaju Prepaid Box and Envelope?
To cater for the demand from online business entrepreneurs in terms of providing convenient and cost efficient shipping solutions.
Online business is booming all over the world and for the Malaysian market, it is expected to increase within the next three (3) years.
To help online business entrepreneurs ensure that their courier cost is not under or over charged to their customers.
Enable PosLaju to go to parcel segments which is a growing demand.

3 Who are the target customers?
Target customers will be online business entrepreneurs as well as walk in customers.

4 Where can customers purchase the Prepaid Box and Envelope?
PosLaju Prepaid Box and Prepaid Envelope are available at more than 300 retail outlets in Peninsular Malaysia including Pos Malaysia Outlets, PosLaju Centres, as well as sales agents (MBE and Ikobana, as a start).

5 Where can customers post the Prepaid Box and Envelope?
Posting of the sealed Prepaid Box/ Envelope can be made at the nearest Pos Malaysia Outlet, PosLaju Centres and selected sales agents.

6 What is the delivery standard for the Prepaid Box and Envelope?
These two products will be treated as Next Day Delivery (NDD) service.
This means that the Prepaid Box or Envelope will be sent on the following working day after it is posted. The NDD Service covers selected areas which includes major towns and cities.
For areas that are not covered under the NDD Service the delivery will take an additional one to three working days,
Despite the fact that we will strive to ensure that delivery will be made according to the delivery standard, should there be any delay in the delivery there will not be any refund by PosLaju.

7 What are the sizes available for Prepaid Box and Envelope?
There are five sizes as follows:
Type Maximum Weight Limit Dimension
Small* Envelope 500gm 200mm x 280mm
Big* Envelope 1kg 320mm x 380mm
Box 2kg 2kg 80mm x 250mm x 340mm
Box 5kg 5kg 150mm x 250mm x 340mm
Box 10kg 10kg 200mm x 320mm x 380mm *comes with plastic bubble padding

8 What are the benefits other than the reduced price ?
PosLaju Prepaid Box and Prepaid Envelope provides convenient and cost efficient shipping solutions and at the same time, maintains the high quality and delivery standard offered by PosLaju in all their services.
Items are delivered in the next working day for areas that are covered under the Next Day Delivery Service.
There are no volumetric calculations imposed on the boxes. So, customers need not go through the hassle of figuring out the formula based on the traditional calculation of the weight, size and distance.

9 Is the Track and Trace Service provided for PosLaju Prepaid Box and Envelope?
Yes, Track and Trace service is provided for PosLaju Prepaid Box and Envelope for our customer's convenience.
They can track their shipment online based on the reference number on the Consignment Note via www.poslaju.com.my or www.pos.com.my ; or by contacting our Customer Care via PosLine at 1-300-300-300.

10 Can customers still ship their Prepaid Box or Prepaid Envelope if the contents exceed the maximum weight limit? Are there any additional charges?
PosLaju would still deliver their Prepaid Box or Envelope and there will not be any additional charges for the prepaid box and envelope if it the contents exceeded the maximum weight limit.
However, PosLaju will not be responsible for any refund for the loss or damage of the Prepaid Box/Envelope if it exceeded the suggested weight limit.

11 Are there any restrictions for the contents of the item to be posted through PosLaju Prepaid Box and Prepaid Envelope?
Yes, the normal postal regulations against the posting of dangerous goods and prohibited items apply and these include valuable items such as cash and jewelry, perishable items, harmful, hazardous and toxic substances, weapons and dangerous objects.
Customers are requested to inquire with the nearest Pos Malaysia Outlet or PosLaju Centre on whether the contents of their shipment are included in the list of the dangerous goods and prohibited items.

12 Since this is currently offered for shipment within Peninsular Malaysia only, does PosLaju plan on expanding this to Sabah and Sarawak? If so, when do you expect to make this service available for delivery to and from Sabah and Sarawak?
We plan to expand this service to Sabah and Sarawak in the third quarter of 2012.

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